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By Nick Gedda

Why is kid who smokes cigarettes outside of school "cool" even though we claim it isn't?

I'll lay it out.

It's because he has 4 attributes:

Authenticity, autonomy, aesthetic, and attitude.

Authenticity - It's because he's being himself. He likes to do it.

Autonomy - It's because he does it, even though external forces and the opinions of others may sway some people to not.

Aesthetic - It's because he makes it look smooth. Natural. Easy, and relaxing. He adds his own style to the way he stands and smokes. That LOOKS enjoyable.

Attitude - He's the most confident guy in the space.

And somehow... all of those things added together make you wish you had even a piece of his mentality and style.

This is why I teach learning to be yourself before being something for an audience.

This is why I think it's important to do what YOU want vs what you think you "should do"

Because it's not only authenticity thats attractive. It's owning it, living it, and expressing it regardless of the opinions of others with your own style.

And it's what is going to make people think you're the coolest in the room if you can pull it off properly and learn to ignore the ones that tell you, you shouldn't be smoking.

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