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This One Is Mine - Foreward

Some people live their entire lives afraid to create. They have an idea, a desire, or a dream inside of them to bring something to life. They think about it, talk about it, dream about it, and yet they are too afraid to actually create it. They stop themselves from trying because they fear it won’t be good enough. They fear the criticism of others and miss the joy of bringing what’s inside of them to life in favor of staying safe.

Yet, there are those who know that creating is the key to a fulfilled life. They write, or build, or design, and share it with the world knowing full well that some people won’t like it, won’t get it, or that some might even downright hate it. Especially if you’re out there on the leading edge, and your ideas bump up against the status quo. They also know that there will be some people who not only love what they create, but they’ll need it. The same way a thirsty person needs water. And so, they risk everything for the sake of igniting a spark inside of just one person.

This book will inspire you to be the latter. To own where you’ve been, appreciate where you are, and trust the dream that’s inside of you right now. If not for the sake of others, then for the sake of yourself.

Nick is a creator. In sharing what he’s gleaned from his life up until now, he shows us how to embrace all that we are, to simply have enough courage to start, and not to take ourselves so seriously. He teaches us how, in his own experience, he has learned by doing and being willing to take a risk. Sometimes getting it wrong, but in hindsight, getting it “wrong” is only ever the next step on the path to getting it right. He trusts the creative spark inside, acts on it, and in doing so, he discovers himself.

This book is an invitation for you to do the same. To play by your own rules, to take a risk, and to bring your wildest ideas to life so that you can discover who you are really meant to be.

You’ll be inspired to create, to let the world see who you really are. You’ll see past failures as an invitation to reinvent and discover where you’ve been following the map that society handed you and what’s possible when you choose the road less traveled and follow your own.

When Nick asked me to write the forward to this book, I was both surprised and honored. When I asked him why he chose me, he said it was because I inspire him, but the truth is he inspires me daily.

As I read the words in this book, I found many moments where I paused and pondered the wisdom he shared. The wisdom we each possess is not magically bestowed upon us when we reach a certain age; it’s gleaned from the moments of our lives, especially the difficult moments that ask us to decide who we will be. If we’re paying attention, life is the best teacher we’ll ever have.

Being brave enough to let the world see your truth through the ways that you create is your legacy and your contribution to the world, and this book will help you see that you have everything you need already inside of you.

May you enjoy reading this book and getting to know the man that I know just a bit deeper, and in doing so, know yourself just a bit better as well.

- Lisa Liimatta, aka: Mom

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