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If you want to get to know me or the way I think...

Any of these podcasts should do the trick.

Most Recent
Guest Episode

A great recap of how I think, my path to my current position, and a bit about my learning style. 

How To Build A Website:
Hosted by Me

90+ episodes and counting... We've covered a lot of content about websites, SEO, agency operations, marketing for startups and so much more.

How To Build A Website...

All episode topics stem from frequently asked questions, objections, or misunderstandings from our community at Pneuma. 

My Marketing Philosophy

This podcast highlights the way I approach my marketing work. 

Marketing and Life

A GREAT host and friend. This podcast covers a bit of everything. A great insight to how I think. 

A True Q&A Marketing Podcast

I get asked... I answer. See how I respond under pressure. 

A Podcast That Covers My Backstory

From childhood to being an adult. We cover how I got to where I am and where I came from.

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